Our Purpose

"The moment you are in touch with your breath, the Universe pours into you."

Wisdom of Yogi Bhajan.

We live in an
ocean of air,
like fish in a
body of

Have you ever noticed how sometimes our thoughts can take us away from the Here and Now, to a place that isn't really happening?

When this happens, it's like we're living in our heads instead of in the world around us.

But there's a way we can bring ourselves back to the present moment and it's as simple as taking a conscious breath.

When we

We're not just filling our lungs with air and providing the vital energy for our bodymind to function — we're also bringing our attention back to our bodies and the world around us.

Our purpose is to connect us to ourselves and the world around us through the air we breathe.

Join us in the next conscious breath.

Breathe here now.